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Why Choose Leadmode

For individuals or corporate bodies we offer comprehensive and independent advice on the best options for achieving their learning goals via distance learning.
We handle all administrative and entrance application procedures. This includes helping students present themselves to their prospective universities, especially when some of their learning has been, i.e. the valuable experience that their working career has given them. Our university partners know that if Leadmode is supporting someone's application then they are likely to be a good candidate.
Our induction booklet, together with our induction sessions are designed to give the best possible start to your distance learning studies. Many students initially find that this level of learning and assignment writing is a step up from their previous education experience. By giving practical support from day one, Leadmode students have the best chance of success in their studies. We never forget that you are a student of a top-flight UK university or learning institution. Keeping in regular touch with your tutors in the UK via email, internet message boards, skype, or telephone is very important. From our part, we make sure that all the administration relating to your admission, course and financial arrangements with the university are handled efficiently and promptly, so you can concentrate on successful learning.
Located at Study Centres in Abuja, Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Cameroon, Leadmode provides an ideal environment to meet fellow students, consult reference material, use our on-line facilities and participate in seminars, workshops and tutorial sessions. We offer practical advice on a one-to-one basis on how to use your time effectively as a distance learner. This is based on years of experience. For example we emphasize the importance of developing a systematic and sensible approach to your distance learning. A regular amount of study each week is far better than an erratic approach.
Students of Leadmode Resource Centre have diverse opportunities of opportunities to meet locally and share their wealth of experiences acquired. By feeling part of a group, distance learners are able to make new friends, help each other keep motivated; share practical experience and make their distance learning a satisfying part of their life.

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